5 years already

5 years already

To you my loyal reader!


5 years ago I published my first article on WordPress. Since then you have been faithful to my blog. I red with passion your commentaries. I could not respond in time to your critics, however, I have appreciated your presence on my website. This little word is to say thanks to you, the student in economics who took the time to read my articles in order to understand the theory of economics. Many thanks to you the journalist who quoted me oh lord how many times. How can I forget you? The anonymous reader who in  silence has maintained the breath of this blog.

Between 2010 and 2015, the website recorded 2,705 visitors. This is the actual number of people who went to the site, who 
have seen my profile. 7,760 is the number of times the articles were consulted.
For all those who would like to visit the Statistics page of my blog here is the link

Big thank  to all of you and may the Lord bless you

Francis Konan

Founder of  The Mounou Global Economic Consulting


3 thoughts on “5 years already

      1. Bonjour Francis
        je vais bien et toi? J’ai vu tes photos avec madame. Que le Seigneur bénisse ton couplé.


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