Francis konan

Francis Konan is an Ivorian economist whose writings abound in the world of online publishing. His writings are among the most read and most downloaded in the area of the economic analysis of the francophone Africa. From political sites, to international finance newspapers, through music and even Christians web page, you will find the writings of this Ivorian Economist. His pen portrays with beguiling simplicity complex economic news. Working on a book of macroeconomic project, in 2005, he sent a timid email to a famous French economist from MIT. The scholar will answer him with encouragement. This will change for good the analytical approach of Francis Konan. In March of 2008, Frat – Mat (Ivorian newspaper) will publish his brilliant article on the beginning of the recession in the United States of America. In August 2009, Francis Konan will publish in the journal “the Afriques” the famous article “global recession: are we finally at the end?” This article will tour the virtual world and will be reproduced by at least 55 web sites. His article on the PEAS (emerging countries south of the Sahara) was read 5514 times on the site of Seneweb (Senegal). Francis Konan is the mixt product of the school of economics of the University of Abidjan (Cocody) and the University of Economics and management in Vienna (Austria), where he will also become the first Ivorian graduate. In addition He will complete a Master Degree in Applied Economics at the prestigious “Think tank” of the Institute of advanced studies, Vienna (Austria) and would be also be the first Ivorian to graduate. During the year 2009 He is selected by the journal “Afriques” to be among the best 100 personalities that have impacted the newspaper during the same period. Francis Konan is fluent in German, English, and Haitian Creole. He was born on 8 March 1967 in Abidjan-Port Bouet.

Francis Konan is an evangelical Christian very engaged in the missionary work of his Church (Lilburn Alliance Church, USA) through the College of prayer (International Branch). Besides to the economics which is his passion, Francis Konan is an excellent pianist and author of a collection of devotional Christian book. Presently he works as economist consultant for various institutions.


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